SCDC Meeting Wednesday, May 17th Rollins House, Governor's Inn

To All from the Strafford County Democratic Committee EC:

On Wednesday, May 17, the SCDC will meet at the Rollins House at the Governor's Inn on Wakefield Street in Rochester, New Hampshire at 6:30pm. A SCDC EC meeting will be held just before the regular meeting(6pm). At the regular meeting we will be discussing the specifics of the coordinated campaign with Erin Turmelle and ask that any of you who participated attend with your comments and questions about how we can be more effective in the future. We also hope to hear from Harman as to his plans for canvassing this coming year.

We will be staffing our standing committees and committees for upcoming events. You need not be a member of the SCDC EC to participate in these committees.

Finally, we will schedule a workshop to discuss how we can capitalize on the results of our recent survey to set the direction of our committee during the next two years.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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