Saturday, August 15, 2015

TriTown Dems To Host Bill Duncan From NH Board Of Education Sept 10th

TriTown Democrats to Host Bill Duncan from the New Hampshire State Board of Education on September 10, 2015.

New Durham, New Hampshire  - August 24, 2015 - The TriTown Democrats, representing the Democratic Committees of Farmington, Milton, and New Durham, is proud to host Bill Duncan, member of the NH State Board of Education, to give a talk on the state of Education in New Hampshire.  The event will take place at 7:00 PM on September 10 at the New Durham Library, 2 Old Bay Rd, New Durham.

The State Board of Education (SBE) is a seven-member body whose members serve without pay except for reimbursement of expenses incurred in the performance of their duties.  Members cannot be technical educators or professionally engaged in school work. Members are appointed by the governor and executive council.  Five are selected, one each, from the five executive councilor districts and two are selected from the public at large. Except when appointed to fill the unexpired term of a previous member, members serve for a five-year term and may serve up to two consecutive terms. The Board must hold at least six regular meetings a year.

Bill Duncan is a retired technology entrepreneur and the founder of Advancing New Hampshire Public Education (, dedicated to advocating for public education in the State. Born in Boston, he graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy and served in Vietnam as an advisor to the Vietnamese Navy before starting a business and nonprofit career.  He founded, and for 12 years led, the Mountain Association for Community Economic Development, a leading economic development organization creating jobs and housing for low-income families in Central Appalachia. In that role, he organized 100 Eastern Kentucky banks to provide subsidized financing housing for low-income families in Central Appalachia and founded Forward in the Fifth, the first education advocacy organization dedicated to building common ground among parents, administrators and teachers in hard-pressed mountain schools. Mr. Duncan moved to New Hampshire in 1986 and resides in New Castle.

The TriTown Democratic Committee advocates for strong local support of our communities, and supports legislation and candidates that are community minded.  Their activities provide political, economic, and social information for the citizens of the three towns, but also encourages progressive movements in these areas at all levels of government.  Through community involvement, political action, and a shared vision, the group seeks to expand equity and opportunity for all residents of the Towns of Farmington, Milton, and New Durham.  

Contact:  Stan Freeda, Secretary
TriTown Democratic Committee


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