Organizers/Donations Needed-SCDC Yard Sale-Saturday May 9th, 10-2

Dear Strafford County Democrat: 
1. Please find a large cardboard box, one that is sturdy and will hold a lot of things.
2. As you go around your house, your shed, your barn, your garage  etc., put things in the box that are interesting, in good condition and useful to someone.... but not you. 
3. Specifically these things can be new, elderly or antique. They can be tools, dishes, collectible items, jewelry, fancy hats, kitchen appliances and utensils, books, office supplies etc.
4. Think about putting small pieces of furniture like small tables, interesting chairs, lamps (floor and table), paintings and prints, picture frames, art, umbrella stands, fancy flower pots, lacy linens next to the box which is getting quite full by now. 
5. On or about May 1, bring what you have collected, old snowshoes, useful athletic equipment, lawn furniture to 23 Boston Harbor Rd., Dover Point NH to Caroline French's house, the site of the yard sale. This yard sale will benefit the Strafford County Democratic Committee — their projects, our candidates and your goals.
Come back and spend a few hours helping Caroline sort and price things May 1-8. PLEASE join the yard sale committee as a lead organizer…email Caroline below. If you have any sheets of old computer labels, please bring them for price stickers. 
Things not to bring: 
  • Leftovers from your own yard sale
  • Things that are broken and beyond repair
  • Clothes, except for shoes that are almost new and things like leather aviator jackets. New straw hats that you bought and thought you liked but don't would also work. The same goes for small luggage, purses, baskets and the like.
Then on Saturday, May 9, come back and help us run the best new  yard sale ever in Strafford County. We will have a grill and hotdogs. Sign on to bring chips, ice cream sandwiches and peanuts in the shell. This sale will run from 10 to 2 and a rope will be across the end of the driveway and there will be no early birds no matter what.
  • We also need worker bees after the sale at 2pm to help clean up and haul away. Our goal is to make enough money to help elect Democrats throughout all Strafford County in 2016!

Thanks ahead of time for helping to make this important fundraiser and recycling event successful.
Strafford County Democratic Committee Ex Com, 
Ann, Susan, Lorraine, Bill, Dennis, Paul, Gene, Mike, Elise, Caroline

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