Rich Leonard Receives Howard Dean's Endorsement from Democracy for America

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Rich Leonard at the Farmington Primary
Recently, Howard Dean's organization, Democracy for America endorsed Rich Leonard and 5 others in the Democratic State Senate Caucus .Senators Peggy Gilmour, Martha Fuller Clark, and David Watters, along with candidates Chris Muns, Lee Nyquist were all given the nod of approval from Democracy for America, The endorsement was part of their Purple to Blue endorsement series. The series aims to endorse Democratic candidates and legislators running in states that currently have a Republican majority in the legislature.

"It felt validating to have Dean's organization endorse me in my very competitive Senate Race" explains Rich, "Hopefully, this is beginning of more widespread Democratic support to come in the state for my race."

Rich has also receive the endorsement of the State Employees Association, a local of the Service Employees International Union, in the past.

Rich was active on Primary Day, visiting the poling places throughout District 6.  Even though there were only a few contested Democratic primaries, he felt it was important to meet the voters, and have support for other candidates in their local races.  Rich is very thankful to everyone who stood at a poll for the day holding one of his signs, and congratulates all local primary winners.

Polling in Rochester with Anne Grassie.
Polling in Rochester with candidate Sandy Keans
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Rich Leonard, personal collection


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